EZ Reader

Due to parts availability issues, we are not accepting orders for our EZ Products and Profiler at this time. New and improved products are coming soon!

The EZ Reader is a precision instrument to be using in conjunction with a dipping pyrometer to read metal melting temperatures up to 3400 deg. F.

The EZ Reader is a rugged, robust temperature reader and data recorder intended primarily for metal casting foundries. Its large numerical display is protected by Lexan plastic and its metal touchpad is completely sealed and impervious to dust. When used with an input from a thermocouple pole (or our EZ Stick) sensor, it will indicate its status with a light display:

  • Green: ready to read the temperature by inserting the thermocouple into molten metal.
  • Yellow: indicates a rising temperature condition as the thermocouple approaches the metal temperature.
  • Red: indicates that the maximum metal temperature has been achieved.

At this point the maximum temperature data is logged along with the date, time and any other customer-desired identifiers, for example heat number or alloy code, that can be chosen and programmed in a simple routine on the keypad. About 1700 recordings can be stored on the EZ Reader, and files can be downloaded to a computer in CSV or other formats.

EZ Reader Back View
Back View of EZ Reader

While holding the last reading on the display, the EZ Reader automatically resets itself when the temperature sensed by the thermocouple probe drops below the maximum previously recorded, thereby making itself ready for the next reading.

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EZ Reader Specs


Microprocessor based, fully programmable digital temperature readout system. Unit is factory programmed ready to use or it can be easily modified for operator preferences.


Large 3 in. high seven segment LED main display. Program screen is a high performance 4X40 display. Both displays are protected by replaceable, high impact Lexan windows.


One piece, stainless steel construction with no moving parts. Sixteen piezoelectric keys are inherently sealed from the environment.

Thermocouple Calibration

Types R, S, and B are field changeable and internally compensated. Type K is also available.

Measurement Range

IPTS -48 or IPTS-1968
Type S and R: 500-3300 degrees F (260-1815 degrees C)
Type B: 1000-3400 degrees F (538-1871 degrees C)
Type K: 500-2500 degrees F (260-1357 degress C)

Standard External Connections provided

EIA std. RS-232 for data transfer RS-485 port for plant-wide data acquisition or remote display 0-5VDC scalable output. Optional, fuse-protected external lights and/or horn connections

Data Logging Capability

Reading format shows date, time, peak temperature, and reading number along with a user-programmed alpha-numeric heat number (8 character max). Readings can be recalled from memory and displayed on the 4X40 LCD, and/or sent to the RS232 port.

Power Requirements

85-135 VAC, 50-60 Hz


Rugged, dustproof, stainless steel box
Dimensions: 9.5 in.H X 17.45 in.W X 7.25 in.D

Ambient Temperature

0-140 degrees F.

EZ Reader Features & Benefits

Operating Mode

Gives real time continuous temperature measurement

Peak Mode

Captures maximum temperature measured Notifies operator of sufficient temperature

Plateau Mode

Defines a desired temperature window specified by the user. Gives the user confidence and control of the validity of the temperature reading regardless of the dynamics of the process

Programmable Immersion Time

Setting (tip time-out) Prevents damage to the tip and pole by signaling for removal even if a valid. Temperature reading has not been attained (User programmed time-out).

Self Test Mode

Easy check of basic operation of displays, Lights and audible horn.

Ease of Calibration

Requires no access to interior electronics

Programmable Audible Alarm

Indicates and records excessive Excess temperature setting.


Comes with software package on CD that enables data retrieval and storage. Fully supports computer process control and documentation